Stop Dreading Mondays!!! 

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday!! 

I hope that everyone had a great, fun filled weekend. Even if that means that you did absolutely nothing but relax. Now that the weekend is over, for most adults, it means that it’s time to start the busy work week. 

As I stroll on my social media this morning, I notice that a lot of my virtual friends are making post similar to this… 

Which got me to thinking. Why does everyone hate Monday? Why is this day dreaded most by people? Well, I’m here to tell you to STOP DREADING MONDAYS!!! Yep, you read right!

In my opinion, Mondays bring so much to the start of the week. I look at it as an time to start fresh or to start a project that you always wanted to. Maybe start reading that book that has been collecting dust on your coffee table or start going to the gym. 

For me, Mondays bring new opportunities for the rest of the week. It also has the opportunity to bring new blessings and new adventures. I think that with starting the week off with a positive mindset that positivity will follow you throughout the week.  

So instead of waking up on a Monday dreading the week to come, wake up and say, “Oh hey Monday, I’ve been waiting for you!” 

Please leave comments below letting me know how you spend your Mondays. Until next time…


*Picture taken from Google. 

23 responses to “Stop Dreading Mondays!!! ”

  1. I had to take an exam today and it went well for me which makes it an optimistic start to the week. ThBk you Toya for writing such an inspirational write-up. I feel my spirits lifted up, already 🙂

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  2. Every Monday is a new start for me, so I have that fresh enthusiasm and a million new plans 🙂 I love the positive feeling, the energy in every one of your posts and I’m grateful I discovered you! Thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!

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    • You’re so right! Monday is a new start!! Thank you so much, I’m glad I discovered your blog as well. Blessings to you as well Claudia 🙂


  3. This is such a great post! Haha, Mondays are the absolute worst; but we have to suck it up. So why not make the best out of it? 💛

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