Fake friends

Hello everyone, I hope that you all are having a good day/night, depending on when you are reading this…

I know that we all have a “friend” that acts as if they are your best friend but in reality they are not. You know the kind that is always by your side acting as if they are cheering you on, but they are really praying on your down fall. 

Yea that’s the type that we all need to stay far..far.. away from. 

When I was in middle school I had one of those friends. She would alway have something negative to say about anything and everything that I was doing. But at the same time she would make me feel as if she was a true friend, even though she would talk bad about me behind my back. Yea, I know it can be confusing because I sure was confused too. 

Now as an adult, I have came across people that do the same thing. But since I know better, I do better. I refuse to have those kinds of people around me. I have also realized that sometimes you can generally like this type person but deep down inside you know that you should stay away from them. I mean is it possible that there can be bad qualities to a good person? Or that they really don’t realize that they are hurting you? 

Well, we don’t need that type of negativity in our lives so beware of the fake friends. Comment below and let me know if you ever experienced a “friend” being fake.  

Until next time…stay positive! 


26 responses to “Fake friends”

  1. E’ giusto questo tuo comportamento, e tutte quelle manifestazioni che rendono partecipi la vita armoniosa si trasformano, anche se la malignità è ovunque, in ogni parte dell’esistenze e dell’universo. Nel lavoro, nello studio e nello svago! Non si sà mai che ti capita, meglio allontanarsi in ogni modo. Lieto di conoscerti Latoya, se vuoi dare un’occhiata al mio forum: http://www.love24com.it Vedi la pagina- Notozie varie. Grazie, saluti dall’Italia

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  2. I definitely know where you are coming from LaToya. I had a few fake friends in my day and it’s heart wrenching to worry that my children will inevitably face a fake friend or two during their life’s growth.

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  3. That last quote was legit girl!!! Fake friends are worse than enemies….because they are enemies in disguise. It’s pretty easy to avoid drama from people you already know are bad and have beef with you…but those sneaky little phonies man they are like leeches and they can make your life way more stressful than it ever needs to be. PLUS they know all your secrets and the use it against you….ugghh I’m dealing with one of these exfriends right now lol

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  4. I agree with you but I also know that people are imperfect. Sometimes we are in friendships because we are the better friend and those people need us. All that being said any such situation that causes damage to you should be ended. You get to decide how much you will take and don’t sacrifice yourself at the altar of friendship. I have let people quite a few people go myself. Sometimes you have got to cut your losses. Life is too short.

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  5. I know exactly what you mean, I’m going through a situation now with a girl who acts as a friend but tries to compete with me. Sometimes I would rather just not have these people in my life, but maybe they’re their for a reason? What if they have something to show you about yourself, that sometimes you forget; like a spark. I don’t know, just trying to be positive lol. Love the post!

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  6. That friend that was talking bout you behind your back in middle school, I hoped you beat her for talking bad about lol ok.
    But all honesty, in this world jealously is more common than loyalty so another words it’s not hard to strike a conversation with somebody you know from the around they, but to actually have a true friend isn’t so common. So true friends are always appreciated.
    In my experience let’s just say I have been used like you know people only contact you when they need a favor or for their own benefit.
    Some people are so good at pretending to be your friend that it takes years before you finally see their true colors.
    Most people love you for what you have, not for who you are
    That’s why rich people usually have my friends than poor.
    Humility is usually underappreciated and arrogance is usually highly supported.
    Love your blog btw

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    • Lol. No I didn’t beat her, I just stopped talking to her. She then tried other ways to make me seem like the bad person but the people that really knew didn’t believe her so it didn’t matter to me anymore. You are so right! The word friend should not be used on everybody. People are only for themselves and once you are no longer a benefit for them they just move on to the next. It’s very important to cherish those rare true friendships! Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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  7. Have you ever thought about making a ‘game’ called Fake Friends for young children? You could raise money for the game on sites like GoFundMe. Seems like a good way to teach children how to be aware of fake friends. Just an idea. Enjoyed your post


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