Oh Hey September! 

Hey guys and happy Saturday! 

It’s a new month so you know what that means. It’s time to set some new goals for the month. It’s time to put everything that has happened bad to us in August and start fresh. It’s time to refocus on the things that we want to accomplish and leave all the negativity in last month

You had a great August? Well it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments and hard work. It’s time to relax without getting to comfortable and enjoy yourself for a bit. It’s time to keep the positivity going into this new month. However your month of August went it’s a new month now, so it’s a new beginning for bigger and better. 

This month my goal is to save, save, and save some more. I have a birthday coming up and it’s getting close to the holiday season. So I want to start saving so that I can enjoy myself without feeling guilty for overspending. September is my favorite month because fall is near and fall is my favorite season! 

Throughout the month of September, I will be featuring some money saving idea that I like to use when it’s time to save some coins. 

I hope that the month of September bring you all many blessings in every part of your lives. 

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Until next time… stay positive! 


35 responses to “Oh Hey September! ”

  1. That is a great idea for posts. Good luck with your goal and have a wonderful week! Mine is already hectic but hey that’s life. It will be more relax on next Monday, I hope…. Take care Latoya.

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  2. Wow. How insightful. I never thought about making a new goal for the month of September or any month for that matter. That’s a pretty good idea. Why wait until New Year’s Eve to set mini-month goals. XOXO


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