Have Fun Without Spending Money! 

Hey everyone and Happy Monday 😄

 I know that with the start of the weekend everyone will be going out and having fun. But why not do something that doesn’t cost you a dime. Yes, your read right! There are ways that you can have fun with family and/or friends without spending any money. 

No matter where you are in your life everyone love to save some coins, me included. So I have came up with so ways to have fun without spending money.  

  • Potluck Dinner – Invite your friends over and asks them each to bring a homemade dish. You guys get to catch up, enjoy great food, and not spend a dime. 
  • Visit the Park – This one is a great idea for families with children. Great way for the kids to get out and enjoy themselves and you get to save money as well. 
  • Netflix Party – Gather your love ones and spend Saturday binge watch your favorite movies on Netflix! 
  • Plan a Trip to the Zoo or Museum – Search online to see when your local zoo or museum are hosting free days and plan your trip. You will have a great day learning bout differently thing and it’s free! 
  • Concerts in The Park – During the summer plenty of parks hosts free concerts. Grab your friends and/or significant other and enjoy a summer night listening to music under the stars. 

As you guys can tell there are plenty of things that you can do without breaking the bank. Comment below and let me know ways you have fun without spending money. 

Until next time…. stay positive! 


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