7 Ways To Travel Cheap! 

Hello guys, happy Wednesday 😄. 

I hope that you all have been enjoying my Saving September Series. I hope that you all are using these strategies that I have been giving you all to save some extra money. Just think of what you can do with the extra cash!  

Today I have for you seven ways to travel cheap. Everyone wants to go and explore the world but who really wants to pay the expensive price tag that comes along with it. Here are some ways that you can travel cheap.

  1. Find The Bargins- Do not be afraid to go and find the bargain yourself when travel. Use the internet to search places you are going and look for coupons and discounts for things you want do. 
  2. Travel Times- You can save a lot of money flying if you pick the right times during the day to fly. It is cheaper to fly during the week instead of the weekends. 
  3. Airport Parking- If you have to leave your car at the airport, book parking in advance. This will help save some cash. 
  4. No Hotels- Today you do not have to stay in a hotel while traveling. Try private rooms!? Use Airbnb?! Local allow for tourists to rent rooms or sometimes the entire house for a fraction of the cost to stay in a hotel. 
  5. Eat Locally- You’re on vacation right!? So have fun and eat what the city has to offer. Street food and locally owned restaurants are a nice way to see what the city is all about and to save big. 
  6. Volunteer- If you are on of those people that wants to travel the world with a purpose. Volunteer to go and help the worlds most in need. You will pay for travel with your time, get to lend a helping hand, and on your down time explore a new country. 
  7. Travel Insurance- It is cheaper to buy muti travel insurance than on the spot travel insurance. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed these tips. Please comment below and let me know some of the ways that you like to save money while traveling. 

Until next time… stay positive! 


24 responses to “7 Ways To Travel Cheap! ”

  1. Oh I would love to travel around the world someday! You make it look so easy! Thank you for the tips sis. They really helped make my dream possible. I will start by saving up and travel around my country first before exploring the world. 💜

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  2. I am always researching for ways to travel on a budget/cheap. I like the idea of volunteering. It is a new one for me. I guess I hadn’t really consider before but I really like the idea. Thanks for sharing. K.O.

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  3. Oh this is very handy for someone like me who loves to travel! I’ll definitely make sure I look out for future volunteering opportunities overseas. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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  4. Great post!! Thanks for sharing these tips. We always check groupon in whatever area we are going and always find good deals there too, especially in their “things to do” section! A lot of times what we were already planning to do is already on there!

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