Save Big With Coupons. 

Hello guys, happy Thursday 😄

Today for you guys I have a very fun way to save some cash. I’m sure we have all seen the television show Extreme Coupon. This shows follows a person as they go shopping and buys carts full of stuff just for them to get to the check out and only spend pennies. Crazy right!?

 Well if you want to really save big this is definitely an option for you. Now, this option takes a lot of time and patience because it involve spending time gathering coupons and that may take quite some time. 

Here is how you can save big with coupons! 

  1. Gather & Organize: On those boring Sunday mornings, go through sale papers and clip coupons that you are going to use. Also organize them so that they will be easier to find during your shopping trip. 
  2. Online Shopping: While shopping online, you can save big too. Take advantage of those discount codes and apply them at check out. I always look for free shipping codes because you can spend a lot just getting your items to your door step. 
  3. Store Policies: Learning your store policy is a great way to save when using coupons. Some store may allow you to double or even triple stack coupons. Which could mean that you are only spending pennies for items. 
  4. Cashback: This is another way to save money. You go to a cashback website such as Ebates and shop for items as you normally would. After your purchases are tacked your receive cashback for your items. 

Be on the look out for my beginners guide to couponing. That will be coming soon. Be sure to comment and let me know how you guys use coupons to save big.

Until next time…. stay positive!



12 responses to “Save Big With Coupons. ”

  1. Good Morning Latoya, When shopping online I only purchase from companies that offer free returns. I found myself paying more just to return items that I wasn’t happy with.

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    1. Good Morning Adrienne. That’s a good tip, I never thought of that one. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. Hey LaToya! I love using digital coupons! It’s helpful when you don’t have to worry about if you forgot to clip or print them, or accidentally leave them at home. I recently introduced my friend, Matilda, to them. Now she’s hooked, too! 😄

    – Shelita

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    1. Digital coupons are amazing. I like to use them whenever I can. Thanks for reading 😄

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  3. Hey LaToya! ❤
    In Pakistan we don’t have any coupons or stuff like that 😯 but good post 👌

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    1. Oh wow! That’s interesting to know. Do you all have discounts for items?


      1. Yes .. We have discounts and sale in our country ❤

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  4. Yeah right… great approach
    Keep up this good work.
    Congratulations from Cheap flight offers

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    1. Thanks for sharing!!


      1. Welcome
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