Fun Fall Activities For Kids 

Hello guys. Happy Friday 😄

Yayy!! It’s almost the weekend. *does silly dance*    What better way then to spend this weekend with the kids doing fun fall activities. Y’all know by now that I am all about saving so of course these activities with not break the bank. They will, however, leave the kids with huge smiles on there faces and make great memories for you and your family to share. 

So grab the kids and go have some fun in this beautiful fall weather!  

  • Visit the Pumpkin Patch: This is a great outdoor activity the kids of all ages will enjoy. Let them explore and find the perfect pumpkin. 
  • Go On A Hike/Walk: This is the perfect no money activity to do with kids. Make it even more fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt. Kids will enjoy searching for item on the list while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. 
  • D.I.Y Costumes: Get the kids together and let them go crazy and use their imagination to make their very own Halloween customers
  • Leaf  Craft: Gather leaves and decorate them. Put them in picture frames and give them away as gifts. 
  • Build A Bonfire: This is a fun activity to do when the weather is a little chilly. 
  • Fall Festivals: Visit local designs have fun with the kids. Most of the festival have plenty of free activities for kids such as face painting, bouncy house, etc. 

Comment below and let me know what you like to do for fun with the kids during fall! 

This is the last segment of my Savings September Series and I hope that you guys enjoyed it as much as I have. 

Until next time… stay positive! 


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