5 Life Hacks That Every Mom Should Know! 

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday 😊

Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be giving you five hacks that I believe that every mom should know. Every one loves a good hack these days so why now add these to the list of hacks that can make Mom life a little bit easier. 

  1. Use rubber bands to keep doors unlocked. Every child knows how to lock the door but for some reason they seem to not be able to unlock the door to get out of a room. Attach rubber bands to both the inside and outside door handle to prevent doors from locking. 
  2. Create sick buckets filled with the thing you use to care for your sick children. This will help save time on looking for items around the house because they will all be in one place. 
  3. Use shoe holders as snack organizers for kids. Fill each compartment with snacks for the kids and let them choose what they would like. Great way to control what they eat while help them become more independent. 
  4. Create a Family Binder to help store all of your family’s important documents and important numbers. Put it in a easy to remember place so that when an emergency happens you will know directly where to go and not spend time searching in different places for different documents.  
  5. Use clothes pins and rope to organize stuffed animal. Hand rope from the ceiling and attached stuffed animals with clothes pins to the rope. This helps with easy clean up and you won’t have to worry about stuffed bears being thrown around the room. 

I hope you all enjoyed these hacks. Comment below and let me know what hacks do you use in your life that make each day go by easier. 

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Until next time… stay positive! 💙 


28 responses to “5 Life Hacks That Every Mom Should Know! ”

  1. I’ve seen the rubber band trick for making it so that you can pull baby’s door closed without actually latching it (to prevent noise/the need to turn the knob) but I’ve never thought to use it to keep kids from locking the door. Genius!

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  2. Great post!
    I’m trying to start my new little blog called tips tricks and terrific ideas. I’m having so much fun searching and learning and enjoying what other people are sharing aling similar lines here.
    I believe you can never know too many life hacks especially those nifty parents ones.
    I’m not a parent yet myself but I see my sister having ‘fun’ 😀

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