4 Tips That Will Bring More Traffic To Your Blog.

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday! 

I have been blogging for about three months and I have learned a few tricks and tips that has helped me to grow my blog. 

One of the main thing with blogging is getting people to your blog and to keep them coming back. Today, I have for you guys three tips that will help you to get traffic to your blog. 

So let’s jump right into it… 

  1. Share Your Content: This is pretty easy to do in a world where social media rules. Post your blog on all of your social media sites and you are sure to have people coming to your blog to read more. 
  2. Be Consistent: This is a huge tip. Make sure that you are being consistent with your blog post. I’m not saying that you have to post everyday but I will suggest makes a posting schedule and sticking to it. This will let your readers know that you are serious and that they can always count on your blog for new and fresh content. 
  3. Participate: Participating in communities that already receive a lot of traffic will only increase traffic to your blog. Actually read and comment on other blogs that you enjoy. Please be genuine when doing this, so not comment on random blogs that you have no interest in for the sole purpose of getting people to your blog. Be genuine and the audience will come to your blog. Promise. 
  4. Enable Email Subscription:  This is a great way to keep your readers informed on what is going on with your blog. When someone visits your blog they will have the options of signing up for emails. This will definitely bring back those who already feel in love with your blog for more posts. 

I am sure that these tips will help being traffice to your blogs. Comment below and let me know what you are doing to bring in the traffic. 

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Until next time…stay positive 💖


66 responses to “4 Tips That Will Bring More Traffic To Your Blog.”

  1. Thank you La Toya; this was really helpful. I have been wondering how to incorporate Instagram into my places where I post about my blog, and looking at your page was super helpful. Hope you are having a good week!

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  2. These are all great ideas. I have been blogging for years but recently had to start all over. The more readers you have the more social media shares and page visits you will receive.

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  3. Great tips! I agree with all of them and find that a schedule has helped. I try to post every Wednesday and use the hashtag #mpWordyWednesday on Instagram. (mp = Ms Practikality) I also find that using Instagram to promote my blog has been very effective.

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  4. Really good reminders! I just read recently to keep in a specific niche and commit. That will also drive traffic because your readers will come back to you as the authority on the topic. Something I’m trying to work on, and super hard because I love to write about everything!

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  5. Thank you for the tips, I have tried post same time pretty much, shared on Twitter and instagram and still have not had much traffic. I am new to blogging but now thinking I may be writing about things people are not interested in? Why do you think? Xx

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  6. Hey these tips were awsome. But I don’t get more people engaged to my blog although I have more than 150 followers but I barely get 10 to 12 likes or comments over my posts these days. Can you help where am I wrong?

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