Let’s Connect! 

Hey guys happy Saturday! 

This post is to let you all know that I now have a Facebook page and I would love for you all to like that page. 

On that page there will be special posts that you won’t be able to see on here. Also it is where I will be letting you all know when certain posts for the blog will be posted. 

If you love my content and want to connect with me on Facebook please like my page here

Also connect with me on Instagram

I will like to start collaborating on blog post with you all. Send me an email if you are interested thelifewithlatoya@gmail.com 

I hope to connect with each and every one of you soon. Thank for the support! 

Until next time…stay positive 💖



8 responses to “Let’s Connect! ”

  1. That’s Great I would love to work together on a post. Flightministries@yahoo.com

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  2. Connecting and would appreciate the same. My links are on the top of my blog page.

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    1. Ok. I will definitely connect! Thanks!


  3. I did put a LIKE on your Facebook, but the presentation was different from what I am used to see. Let me know if you got my like or not. Instagram? We are already connect. Yay!

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    1. Yes I got your Like! Thanks so much Dominique!

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