3 Simple Ways To Save Big! 

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you all are having/had a great Wednesday 🙂 

Today I am continuing my save big series by giving you all some easy ways to save money. The holiday season is vastly approaching and I’m sure that we all can use the extra money.

So let’s jump right into it…. 

  1. Open A New Bank Account: I know that you all are thinking, how can I save by opening a new bank account? Well, I’m going to tell you. I suggest opening a account with a bank that is difficult to withdraw from like an online banking account, then make an initial deposit…and keep making small deposits. This separate account allows you to track your positive progress and it also builds momentum. 
  2. Analyze Your Bills: With really analyzing your bills you are sure to find ways that you can save money. For example, with care insurance companies they usually makes the most money off of the people that has been with them the longest. Just think about it. If you have been have a good driving record and have been with your car insurance for years your premium has either went up or stayed the same. Why? Because they think you want leave them. That’s exactly what you should find another company that will save you money and that fits your needs. 
  3. Ask For Your Savimgs:  That’s right! Don’t be afraid to ask for the savings that you want. I am always asking for companies to waive fees. When I upgrade my phone, I ask if they can waive the $30 activation fee. So far, I have not paid activation fees for my upgrades. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen with asking. They are more likely Togo along with whatever you are asking becauthey want to keep your business. 

I hope that you all found these tips to be helpful. No, they are not tips that can be used only for the holiday season but can be used all year around to help save money for anything. Such as a family vacation or something else. 

Comment below and let me know some ways that help you save money. 

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Until next time…stay positive! 


19 responses to “3 Simple Ways To Save Big! ”

  1. My husband and I have recently became more serious about saving, to hopefully buy a home, great tips! I never knew you could ask you wave that activation fee. definitely will keep that in mind next time!

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  2. I think asking for our savings is the hardest to do but we definitely should . I admit I have just started doing this. For example , I was in the store and the cashier was trying to sell me a lamp shade for the price of the whole lamp and I explained to her it was on the clearance table. With a long line behind me I didn’t argue much further but I told her I didn’t want it for that price and she gave it to me for the sale price. 🙂 sometimes you just have to stand your ground.

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