December Is Here!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you all are having a great day.

It’s Friday, It’s Friday!

Yes, you guys!! We made it to the end of another busy week! I know that a lot of you love Friday and are so happy when it arrives. Well today is Friday and for a lot of us it is the kickoff to the weekend fun that lies ahead.

Well today is a special Friday because not only is it the end of a hectic week but also the start of a new month. December is here! To me December is the most anticipated month out of all of the month. This month has one of the most magical holidays. Christmas! I know that many of us are excited about that day.

Not only is December a special month it is also the most stressful month. With everything going on with getting the right gifts for everyone on your list, decorating the house, planning a special holiday dinner, etc. Manu of us are already ready for it to be over with. I want to remind you all to stay positive and don’t sweat the small stuff. You don’t want to stress yourself out too bad. If you feel that you are getting to that point just take a moment to yourself and just breathe. Everything will work out.

This is the month of giving but it’s nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself. This will allow you to destress and get some time for you.

This month on the blog I will be doing a series called 10 Days Til Christmas. I will post a new blog post leading up to Christmas Day.

Comment below and let me know what you are most excited in the month of December!

Until next time… Stay Positive!


24 responses to “December Is Here!”

  1. I’m really excited about spending a lot of time with family. That’s one of the main reasons I love this month so much – keeping family traditions going! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for those 10 Days Til Christmas posts.

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  2. Hey LaToya! Great read. December is always emotional to me because of all the reflection and new goal setting. Over here we are excited to be going to the states to see family so we have started counting down!

    Happy December 1!
    – TwoGirlsandaMomma

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  3. I actually find Christmas depressing because it reminds me of how awesome life was before I got older. Before I felt disconnected from my childhood, and family. I hope you guys enjoy it, I’ll definitely make the best of it, but I can’t promise I won’t feel bad.

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  4. This year my family and I have decided to keep it fairly stress free (hopefully) we haven’t decorated yet and don’t know if we will. We are however pretty much done shopping (one Amazon order). But we are focusing more on spending time together as a family.

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    • I like that you guys are keeping it stress free because holidays can be so hectic. I’m just going with the flow this year. Spending time with family is most important to me too!

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  5. I’m so excited for December because my daughter just turned one. This will be the first Holiday Season for us where she isn’t just a football. She already loves the Christmas tree lights and we’re going to see Santa soon. This time of year is great when you are kid, kind of sucks as a young, broke adult and then turns fun again once you have little ones! I’m so happy!

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  6. This will be my first Christmas without my husband as he has to travel to India for business. Yep, I know it sucks. But I will try to celebrate anyway with the kids and some friends. Just want the kids to have a good time. The house is already decorated but still have to buy a few gifts. Pretty relax this years for me too. Don’t want the stress that come with celebrations sometimes. Wish you a lovely December!

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