Networking is a important part of growing your business, blog, and/ or brand. Check out this blog to get more on an insight to what it takes to network the proper way.

Dre Wells

It’s a New Year and that means more opportunity’s. Another 365 to conquer and make an even bigger impact than last year. This can be accomplished by networking. What I mean by networking is making connections with your peers and converting that into more exposure for your company, brand, or whatever your niche may be. Some people tend to be introverts (myself included) when it comes to working with others. This year I plan on opening up and collaborating with my fellow musicians and entrepreneurs. I challenge you all to step outside your comfort zone and make these necessary adjustments. You never know what someone may bring to the table and vice versa. Trust the process and reap the benefits at the end. I will also be looking for a few brand ambassadors for or 758 Entertainment LLC. Be on the look out for more music. Positive vibes prevail.-Dre


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16 thoughts on “This Year Is All About Networking

  1. Love this post! Networking may not come naturally for many people, but we still have to try our best because it’s arguably one of the best ways to grow your audience and find new prospects for your blog/brand 🙂

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