Learning To Say “No”

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog.

January is almost over and I have already learned so much. In the last few weeks, I’ve learned to say “No” and not feel bad about it. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not.

I don’t know how you guys feel, but learning to say “No” has been so freeing for me. Not only am I saying “No” but I am learning that I do not have to follow up with any kind of explanation at all. And it feel so good because I don’t owe and explanation about any of my decisions to anyone as long as I am okay with it.

I have always been the type of person that would do my all to help the next person out. I would burn myself out trying to always make others happy. That drove me to always putting others before myself and before my needs. I’m not saying that I am no longer helping others, I am just no longer going out my way to be there and do thing for people that wouldn’t do the same for me.

Some people have a way of making you feel bad for not doing something for them, when they want you to. And I no longer want that type of negativity in my life. So I’ve learned to say “No”, give no explanation and keep it moving.

Until next time…stay positive!


33 responses to “Learning To Say “No””

  1. I love that quote about how “no” is a complete sentence. I always feel obligated to provide reasons why I can’t or won’t do something, but you’ve given me a great reminder that I don’t always have to!

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  2. “No” is absolutely a complete sentence and you should not feel bad for saying it without explanation! It is hard to say no but since I almost lost my marriage due to me working 60 + hours a week I have learned to say it more often. Healthcare work can suck you in sometimes.


  3. Beautiful write up. I have also been the way you described and I’ve also realized that sometimes it is wiser to say no, especially if the thing you are being asked to do as a favor is not compatible with your future or will negatively impact you and your health. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how we as humans can help. It is only God that has the capacity to help infinitely without being burn out and damaged.

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  4. Hi !! I am a relatively new blogger. Just read this post and had to thank you . I really needed it at this point in time. Have been trying so hard for years to keep everyone happy , at the end it seems all in vain as all i got was more expectations. Wish I learnt to say No in the right time , it would have saved a lot of anguish. Meanwhile its never too late!! Thank you again ..


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