February Is The Month Of Love

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog.

I can not believe that we are already done with the first month of 2018! Time is definitely going by too fast for me. February is here and will be gone before you know it. Lol.

I love February! For me it is the month of love. This is the month that I married the love of my life. On the 6th of February we will be celebrating six years of marriage. I can’t believe that we will be married for that long. I guess it’s true what that say, time goes by fast when you’re in love.

Also, for all of the lovers out there, in the month of February we celebrate Valentines Day. I know a lot of people that is so excited for this day and I don’t blame them. Some say that this day is for the women in love but I believe it’s for any and everyone that loves love. It’s a day to spread love.

This month on the blog, my goal is to just be a bit more consistent. Since the start of the new year, I have only been posting once a week. This is because I have been doing different things to promote this blog and focusing more on my social media. So I will be trying to post at least twice a week.

Comment below and and share with me how you celebrate Valentines Day!

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Until next time…stay positive!


27 responses to “February Is The Month Of Love”

  1. A whole 6 years 💖! I wish you a million more hun! Feb is my fav month because me, both my siblings and my bestfriend are born in Feb. Crazy! This is really the month of love and I’m looking forward to spending the day of love (Valentine’s) moaning about the fact that I’m lonely 😂😂

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    • Aww, thanks hun! Don’t think like that. Lol. Enjoy the day of love with your friends and family! I think it’s cool that you all have the same birthday month. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Congratulations on making it to Year 6 on your journey of Love and Marriage!!! Wishing you all 50 plus more years together! February this year for me is trying to avoid all the sales on chocolates after Valentine’s Day is over. LOL!

    OH and the Black Panther movie!!!

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  3. Valentine’s day is my daughter’s birthday. So it’s all about her in this house ❤ Whatever she wants to do and wherever she wants dinner at.

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