Why Self Care Is So Important

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In today’s world and all that we have going for ourselves, it is so hard to forget about self care. As a mother, I am always concerned with my child and making sure that I am giving him the best life ever. As a wife, I am always making sure that my husband knows that I have his back in everything we go through.

But as a woman and a human being, I realized how important self care is and why I need to make it a priority in my life. Self care is vital for our mental, emotional, and physical well being. It aides to help maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and helps to boot confidence and self esteem. Self care also promotes positive feelings. And who doesn’t love feeling positive and ready to take on whatever is coming your way?!

I know that everyone is busy and that is probably the number one reason why many of us neglect to take care of our selves. I have learned why self care is important and would love to share them with your all.

Why is self care important?

  • Self care reduces stressNot only does it reduces stress but the negative effects that stress may cause
  • Self care help you refocus – By taking a break and refocusing helps you to take on task with a new and fresh outlook.
  • Your happiness depends on it – Indulging in a few self care activities will help you to relax and focus on positive things. That will ultimately make you feel happier.

What are some self care activities?

  • Going to the gym. Working on your physical health is a great way to indulge in self care. I always feel better after coming home from the gym.
  • Get a massage. There is nothing that says self care more than getting a nice relaxing massage.
  • Go shopping for yourself. When you are busy making sure that everyone around you is well taking care of, buying yourself something will definitely make you feel better.

Self care is so important and should be something that we all make a habit out of. I am scheduling my “me time” each week this year and sticking to it. I encourage you all to do the same. Self care is not just important, IT IS CRUCIAL!

I would love to hear what you all are doing about self care, comment below and lets start a conversation!

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Until next time…stay positive!


43 responses to “Why Self Care Is So Important”

  1. Hi Latoya, I like to workout as a one of self care practices. It helps me relieve stress and allows me to strengthen my endurance as well. I also have a health coach who I speak with once a month which is a benefit offered from my Company. My health coach helps me to stay focused on my all my goals such professionally and personally.

    Have a good day

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  2. I definitely need to work on my self care habits! Since having the baby last April, I have forgotten to put myself first sometimes and I definitely see the consequences in my mood, mind, and body.

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  3. I am also in to selfcare and this article help me a lot to realise what do I have in mind. And also I was following this french girl online that does a lot of article about. Very nice from you LaToya. Keep it up.

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  4. Selfcare is VERY important but often I lack the time to do so between being a full-time caregiver, mom, wife, and a homeschooler but I do my best. I think once the weather warms up we (my son and I ) are going to spend 1 or 2 mornings a week walking some nature trails.

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  5. I need to get a lot better at this. I’m so bad at remembering to take care of myself. I’m always taking care of everyone else, the house, my brand, and my dog. I don’t find time to care for myself. Most I get is 20 minutes of yoga at naptime, and I haven’t been good about doing that consistently anymore.

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  6. I look like a hot mess. My husband literally forced me to buy some new clothes. Lol. In a serious note. I always think that when I just skip taking care of myself I somehow can get that extra time to do something “important”. Like amm being on Instagram. I really need to prioritize time on self care. I been feeling so sluggish and out of shape.

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    • I can be the same way at times. This year on of my goals was to make more time for myself and so far I have been sticking to it. It will definitely make you feel a lot better. Thanks for reading!

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  7. This is so very true and as a mother of 4 I kinda have a busy everyday schedule so I tend to this a lot. But I am gonna try and have more me time for shopping or massages.

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  8. I am also on self-care now and challenging myself, even more, I am writing an Ecourse about it and it will be amazing to discover things daily. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, from a beautiful mind.

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  9. Great post! You have to take care of yourself to take the best care of other people, especially if you’re a mother. As women, we are naturally compassionate and giving, but tend to lose ourselves helping and tending to others, which leaves us with nothing for ourselves at the end of the day! Take time to recharge, re-align yourself with what you need (your intuition is talking!) and enjoy the extra energy and focus you gain from it. Whether it’s a day off for you to spend all day on your mental and emotional self (journaling, mani/pedi, reading your favorite book) or 30 min of quiet time carved out in the middle of the day. Put yourself first!

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    • You are absolutely right! That time to recharge is definitely needed as a mother and woman. I have learned so much about self care this year and I am so glad that I started to put myself first! Thanks for reading!

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  10. thank you so much for this, im not even a mom or a wife and this was really insperational. my self care is putting on a face mask for 20 minutes or sitting down to do my make up well drinking a cup of coffee,

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