How I Survived Traveling With A Toddler

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog!

If you follow me on Instagram, then most of you already know that recently my husband and I decided to pack up the little and travel to Georgia from Indiana by car. Yes, you read correctly!! We took a ride trip with a one year old.

To my surprise, the 16 hours that we spent on the road was not at all what I expected. My son spent the majority of the time sleep. I had packed snacks and over did it when it came to packing things to entertain him with. I know that every time I travel with him won’t be like this, so I want to share with you guys some tips that helped me survive road tripping with my son.

Some helpful tips…

  • Dress Comfortably: I dressed my son in very comfortable clothes. This allowed for him to be comfortable and relax throughout the whole car ride.
  • Snacks: For obvious reasons lol.
  • New Toys: I opted to bring new toys in this road trip. I found that with new toys my son will play with them longer because it’s something new to explore.
  • Car Changing Station: If your child is still in diapers, this is a must. Making sure that you have a comfortable/safe place to change the littlest will make the road trip go smoothly.
  • Plan Ahead & Be Prepared: What I mean by this it to make to plan ahead and be prepared for anything. I packed a car kit with all the things I felt was necessary for our road trip. Extra diapers, extra clothes, wet wipes, and other things. I didn’t have to use any of those thing but knowing that I was overly prepared put my mind at ease.

Comment down below any tips you have for traveling with a toddler.

Until next time… stay positive!


20 responses to “How I Survived Traveling With A Toddler”

  1. I’ve never traveled that far with a toddler but my niece always falls asleep in the car even on super short trips lol. One minute she’s dancing to music, the next she’s KO’d in the backseat


  2. We do a lot of road trips! These are some great tips, especially having a safe/clean place to change baby. Our last trip our daughter had a massive blowout and we pulled over at the one place that had no changing table! We had to change her right in the gas station parking lot. Not fun.

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  3. I drove from New York to Minnesota when my son was a baby, but a toddler is a whole different story! These are great tips, I definitely agree with the new toys part!

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  4. LaToya, your post brought me back to the days when our family moved cross country, our son, toddler at the time, in the backseat. It was a 5 day drive. After a while, I suspected the little guy just thought we lived from hotel to hotel ☺️. In addition to your great suggestions, We had some tunes with us that he liked so he can sing along, plus many of his fave toys to keep him engaged. 💗 xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence 🦋

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  5. I don’t have a toddler, but me and my husband took our 4 month old (now 5 months) on an 8 hour road trip from Florida to Tennessee and it went okay. Last couple hours he started getting tired of being in his car seat but we just stopped every 2 hours and took him out and walked around (:


  6. How old is your son? My kids just turned 1 and 4. We do 10 hour trips often. I’ll have to try some of these tips. New toys are a good idea! They’ll be more interested. My baby just wants to eat or sleep though!

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