The Stay-At-Home Mom Guide to Getting Things Done

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog!

Today I have the pleasure of collaborating with my girl Theresa over at Theresa Forever on this hot topic. Make sure to visit her blog and see what she has to say about getting things done from the working moms perspective. You can find her post here

I know that I am not the only stay at home mom that kind of procrastinate on getting things done because I’m running behind a toddler. Or when I finally get the time to get things done about 3.5 seconds into my tasks my child is yelling for me. Lol.

Yes, it can be rough but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. When the new year rolled around I set out goals for things that I needed to do to better myself and getting things done without procrastinating was one of them. So far so good. Today I want to share with you guys how I get things done while being a stay-at-home mom.

How I get stuff done…

  • One of the main things that helps me the most is to plan, plan, and plan some more. On Sunday’s I like to write a list of all of the things that I need to get done throughout the week. This helps me to not become overwhelmed and to stay on track with everything that going on.

  • I encourage my child to engage in independent play. He is the only child, so he is always trying to include me in his playtime, especially when I’m trying to get things done around the house. While I love playing with my child, Mama needs a few minutes to herself to clean the kitchen and the bathroom without a toddler on my heels. Each day my son had 30 minutes on the tablet with his ABC app and I get to do what I need to do.

  • Everyday I always include him in the things that I’m doing. Cleaning your toddler’s room goes by so fast when they are helping. Even if my son picks up one toy at a time it’s still some bonding time with him and he feels good “helping” mom clean his room.
  • Lastly, sometime I just go with the flow. We all have those days when things are not going as we planned and I have learned to not sweat it. I just ditch the schedule and play it by ear. Also, I will always ask for help when I needed. Motherhood has showed me that it’s okay to not be superwoman and to ask for help when I need it. I will ask my husband to take over for a few so that I can catch a quick break. Any mom that’s a stay-at-home mom knows how important those breaks can be.

Comment below and share with me some tips and tricks that you may have for getting things done while being a mom. I love hearing from you guys and look forward to reading your comments.

Until next time…stay positive!


25 responses to “The Stay-At-Home Mom Guide to Getting Things Done”

  1. I am not a sahm but utilize a lot of these as well. Baby girl wants to be right next to me when I am home. I try to plan as much as possible or do what I can, like paying Bill’s or working on the blog, during my breaks at work.

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    • I’m the same way, I need to plan everything or nothing will get done. Happy to hear that you found these tips to be beneficial! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Sometimes to get things done with my toddler, I look the other way! Being a SAHM with an only child I feel like she gets too much attention, and nothing slides under my radar and it’s unfair to her. Plus, I drive myself crazy saying no and redirecting all day. So, as long as she’s being safe, I pretend to not notice she’s ripping up a magazine or feeding the dog crackers. 😂

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    • Lol. I totally understand what you are saying. I’m a SAHM and my son is the only child. I can’t help but notice every little thing that he is doing.


  3. Totally agree with independent play! we only have a 2 year old at the moment so I feel your pain when all they want to do is involve you, but letting them explore themselves is great for their development.
    and while planning sounds like it will work, sometimes you just have to go with the flow


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