Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Hey y’all hey! I know that I have been MIA with posting but it’s summer and I have been enjoying it with my family.

With that being said…..


I have been blogging for an entire year and I have met some amazing people and have learned so much along the way (more about that in my next post). Y’all…I am so excited to have made it this far and I look forward to continuing this journey of blogging.

I just want to thank you all for all of the love and support each of you have showed me throughout this year. I really appreciate it!

Until next time… stay positive!



13 responses to “Happy Blogiversary To Me!”

  1. OMG! Congratulations! I can relate to how excited you feel, because I am reaching my first anniversary as well! Keep writing and keep loving what you do! I will defnitely be reading your posts!

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    1. Thank you so much and congratulations to you as well!!

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  2. Happy blogiversaryyy!!

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  3. Congratulations!❤

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  4. Happy Blogiversary! 😁

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  5. Happy blogiversary, LaToya! ♡

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    1. Thank you so much Hunida! 💜

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  6. beehumblewithme.wordpress.com - My Journey as a Housewife... Avatar
    beehumblewithme.wordpress.com – My Journey as a Housewife…

    Your welcome!

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