Three Tips To Help With Writers Block

Hey y’all hey!

I have to admit something to you all! I have been experiencing writers block since the beginning of March. That is the main reason to why my posts have been far and in between. Sometimes I would get an idea of what I want to write about, but when it’s time for me to write my mind goes blank or I can’t figure out how I want the post to flow.

Am I the only one experiencing this? No!

Well I have been implementing some new tactics that I have found to be beneficial to getting over my writers block and I want to share them with you all!

Three Tips To Help With Writers Block

Eliminate Distractions: Find a place where you can just focus on your writing.

Change Your Scenery: This really helps me. I usually write at home, but I started to go different place to write (i.e. the library, coffee shop).

  • Don’t Be Perfect: This! This! I have to say that this is the number one way to get over writers block. Stop trying to be perfect. Don’t worry about what other will think. Stop writing for your audience. Start writing what you feel and let it come from the heart. Just start writing, jotting down ideas. You can always go back and make everything flawless once you have gotten everything down.
  • Happy Writing Folks!

    Comment below and let me know how you overcome writers block.

    Until next time… stay positive!


    23 responses to “Three Tips To Help With Writers Block”

    1. Thanks for writing this post because I experience this quite often. I’m a stay at home housewife don’t get out into the real world much am not involved at all socially really. Boring life I know right! O struggle with feeling I have purpose, my writing, self esteem, just being good enough in or at anything. I lived a really screwed up life when I was younger writing has always been an outlet for me whether I’ve written in a journal but I could never remain consistent or just felt like I had nothing to write but I love the idea of writing from the heart and I’m sure many bloggers struggle with the big “what will others think” when they read my blog post. I hope to write a book I’ve just always wanted to be a writer and a successful writer at that. I know my skills need honed alot when it comes to writing, journalism, books I don’t know much it’s a passion. I’d intended when I first started blogging to-share stories ideas, and eventually monetize which I did for a year and generated no income. I can’t even say I have a niche and I would think you’d have to have one. I was bee, with domain now I’m and basically writinh about my journey as a housewife and not caring for this route I’d chosen either! Lol most of the time I’m saying to myself I’m no good at this writing. Sorry so long really enjoyed it and looking forward to more. That’s why I love the blogging world it’s just to friendly and that’s what the world needs.

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      1. Hello! I’m a stay at home mom and wife as well so I understand exactly how you feel. Writing a book seem so exciting and I think you should go for it. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and do what makes them happy. I don’t think you have to have a niche when blogging as long as it come from the heart, it will attract an audience! Please keep writing and sharing your work with us. Thanks for stopping by and being so transparent!

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        1. Thank you I will most things I write about ate from my life, experiences and every day life and family. Why I love the blogging world and community. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Have a blessed day!

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        2. Yes, I agree! Follow your dreams, follow your heart and don’t doubt yourself. Just go for it.

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      2. 🙋🏽‍♀️ stay at home mom! Loved loved loved your comment! Thanks so much for sharing some of your journey. I’m so interested in knowing more. Don’t be afraid of what others think, if they don’t like your content, they’ll move on. The ones that will remain will be the ones that appreciate your honesty – as I did just now! I at times think I do too lead a very boring house wife / mom life at home, however there is an audience. I don’t get out much, as you said, actually one of my doctors recommend I’d take vitamin D, shocker! 🤦🏽‍♀️ But it’s the mom world, it’s our world, and as hard as it is many many times, it’s those tiny moments that makes us smile that makes our – so important title, very rewarding! 😊🙏🏽 Hugs to you! And all the stay at home mother’s!

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        1. Thank you dear! My favorite place is at home or the library! I’m a home body or if I’m not being domestic I’m lost in a 📖 book! Thanks for your honesty dear. It’s sad that being a housewife or mother isn’t valued lien it should Ben oh well is to us and many many other and mothers! Take care dear!

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          1. So true! Thank you! Likewise, blessing to you 😊🙏🏽

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    2. My writer’s block is terrible, and It prevents me from accomplishing my goals which I despise. I appreciate your insightful post. I’m sure all bloggers experience this.

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      1. Yes, I’m sure every blogger struggles with writers block at some point. Thanks for stopping by!

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    3. Great tips! I enjoyed reading them!

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      1. Thank you so much!

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    4. Love this. Thank you for the tips

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      1. Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed this!


    5. I am literally experiencing a writers block right now and this just made me think about how i could get over it.. Thanks❤

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      1. Yayy! I’m glad these tips are able to help you. Thank you for stopping by!


    6. Hello toya, long time no see!
      I was trying to figure out how I can manage some time to write for my blog and I saw your blog post,its so helpful.
      Thank you so much 🌹

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      1. Hello! I’m glad my post was able to help. Hope all is well dear. Thanks for stopping by!


        1. Everything is all fine, I was busy due to exams so I didn’t manage time well for blogging 😦

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    7. Oh, writer’s block. I’ve met that demon time and again. Not worrying about what other people think is what I remind myself every time I post a chapter on Wattpad (which can be pretty judgy sometimes).

      Maybe to add to your list, here are some things that have helped me:

      > Look up scenery (or a video) related to the story.
      I find that seeing an actual picture of a place that is similar to a scene in my story sparks inspiration for how I can go about writing that scene. Google Images, there’s everything and YouTube as well. I was stumped for a while how to write a scene of a tornado so, YouTube 😛

      > Blog Writing
      Writing a blog post about something random can also help me out of my slump. You’re just talking to the reader, not worrying about world building or characters, just talking about something that you found interesting or maybe your pet peeves, etc.

      > Poetry
      Idk about you, but I tend to find writing poetry can be a way out of writer’s block mostly because I experiment with poetry. There’s not much experimental leeway for fiction or non-fiction but with poetry you can play with structure and style without worrying about starting sentences with “and” or “but” lol

      > Plow Through
      I just tell myself, “Write even if it sucks, you can always go back and edit later.” That got me over several writer’s block moments and I would recommend this for any writer.

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      1. Wow. These tips are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. Writers block can happen to the best of us but knowing how to refocus can help you get back on track. Thanks again for sharing.

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