Hello October

Hello October

Hey guys hey!!

October is finally here and I can not believe that we are entering the last three months on the year. For me, the month of October sorta kicks off holiday season and I couldn’t be more excited.

This month on LifeWithLatoya

This month, I have some pretty exciting post for you guys. I will start this month off with some fun fall crafts for the kiddies to enjoy. I will end the month by sharing with you all how my family and I celebrate Halloween this year. For some reason, I am super excited for Halloween and to have some Fall fun with my kid.

This month on LifeWithLatoya will also feature some tricks and tips for those of you who are looking to grow your Instagram. I may not have the largest amount of followers on Instagram, but I do have some genuine people that actually engage and support this blog. Also, many people have asked me how I grew my Instagram so I’ve decided to share what I did in a post!

I am so excited for this month and I look forward to sharing with you all. I know I have kind of been M.I.A. but I’m back and couldn’t be more happy to be more consistent with this blog.

Also, this month is breast cancer awareness month. This is something that is near and dear to my heart. Remember to show your support all month long and every month after.

Comment below what you are most excited/ looking forward to this month.

Until next time….stay positive!


10 responses to “Hello October”

  1. Hello, I love your site. Here in Virginia it is still quite hot and it is hard to get in to the spirit of the season but I am sure you have some ideas to help with that.

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    • Hello, I understand where you are coming from because its still pretty hot where I am at too. Hopefully what I have in mind will put us all in the Fall spirit a little bit more. Thanks for stopping by!

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