What 2018 has taught me!

Hey y’all hey!

As 2018 comes to an end, I am taking time to reflect on this year. This year has given me and my family some wonderful moments and has taught me some valuable lessons about my self in the process. I would like to share with you all what 2018 has taught me, so let’s get into it.

  • I have learned that I am a big procrastinator. I will have an idea in my mind to do something and never start. Or I will start something and never finish. I know you can probably tell by how less I have posted on my blog and I am making changes to that. I’m getting back to writing out my weekly schedules to help me stay on track.
  • This year I’ve learned that I love to travel. I have always wanted to travel more and this year afforded me the opportunity to do just that. I love visiting new places and exploring different areas. I love taking our son with us on our travel experiences and I’m so happy that he loves it just as much as we do. I look forward to doing more traveling with my family in the new year.
  • Last but not least, this year has taught me that it is okay to take a break and do things for myself. I have always been the person that will put my needs on the back burner and go above and beyond for the people in my life. I believe that just comes with me loving to see my loved ones smiling and happy. My husband has helped me to see that I need to take a break and do things for myself. He has played a big part in me focusing more on self care this year and I appreciate him for that. In the new year, I will be practicing self care more often and taking a break when things get a bit overwhelming for me.

As you can see, this year was a great one that gave me the tools to be a better person. I look forward to the blessings to come next year. Comment below something that 2018 has taught you about yourself.

Until next time… stay positive!



4 responses to “What 2018 has taught me!”

  1. Hey Toya! This year was a bit of a doozy but I have learned that I can RELAX. I am such a control freak that I would worry myself into anxiety. To make things worse, these were literally things that were beyond my control. So 2019, I’m going to take it one day at a time and breathe. LOL!

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    1. I’m the same way. I understand completely what your saying. This is a great goal to have. Thanks for stopping by, Happy New Year!


  2. Hi! I completely understand the procrastinator life lol…that is something I am planning on doing better in 2019. January will be my planning month and the February is the month to put those plans into action!

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    1. I like your plan for getting over procrastinating. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

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