This weeks book review will be on:

Nerdi Bunny and the Big Bayou Gator Grief by Aisha Toombs.

About the book:

Nerdi Bunny and her pig friend Hamilton are headed to the beautiful bayous of Chew Orleans. This vacation is supposed to be filled with great foods and making memories with new and old friends. Soon after arriving they quickly learn that that’s not the case. Mean Gator Stump decides to build a new canal on the wetlands. That only means disaster for the residents in Bayou East. Without the wetlands their homes could be ruined if a big storm was to hit Chew Orleans. Nerdi Bunny feels obligated to come up with a plan to help Miss Jay and her friends in Chew Orleans stop mean Gator Stump from destroying their homes and lives as they know it.

My Thoughts:

I just first have to say that this is a cute book for children of all ages. I love that Chew Orleans is actually New Orleans. love how the author brings the setting to life by capturing the essence of the city. After reading this I definitely want to take a trip to New Orleans just to taste some beignets. Nerdi’s passion to help her friends out with their problem is something we all can learn from. She is a very brave bunny and doesn’t mind standing up for what it right. She’s a true definition of what a true friend is. I highly recommend this book. It’s a chapter book so if you have smaller children, I suggest reading a chapter or two each night to your child/children. My son loved hearing about Nerdi & Hamilton and all of their friends work together and come up with a plan to save Bayou East!

Where you can purchase:

You can find this book for purchase plus more from the author by visiting her website here

I hope you all enjoyed this book review, leave me comments on your thoughts!

See you in my next post!


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