Monday Funday!?

Hey y’all heyy!

It’s Monday and I know that we all can use a bit of motivation. I know that I can. Today, I get back to exercising four times a week and eating a bit healthier than I have in about a month.

I figured Monday would be the day to get back on track. Monday’s bring a fresh start and a new opportunity to restart whatever it is that you may have gotten off track with.

It’s nothing wrong with getting off track, it’s how you start back that really matter. Life happens & sometimes we need to detour from things that we want to do to focus on what we need to do. So I encourage everybody to use this day to reset your mind and to get the ball rolling again.

Monday’s are also a great day to start something new. To embark on a new journey. Monday’s don’t have to always be the most unpleasant day of the week if you focus on the good this day can bring.

Comment below and share with me how you plan to spend your Monday!

See you in my next post!



4 responses to “Monday Funday!?”

  1. Thanks for this Monday motivation and will also try to start hitting the gym and see where it takes me by the way big up with hitting gym four times a week surely once I start will advance to that level also…❤🍻❤

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    1. Four times a week will be a struggle for me lol but I think I will get used to it as time goes on. Thanks so much for stopping by! 🤔


  2. This is so motivational! I started again today with eating cleaner & exercising. I’m choosing today to focus on what is to come not what has past. I choose to feel good about my body and health again 🌷

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    1. Yess! I love that you’re choosing to focus on feeling good about your health and body again. I am on that same journey! Thanks so much for stopping by! 💜

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