Toya Talks #2: Starting new habits

Hey y’all heyyy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about starting new habits and how that can help me to shift and change some things in my life. I know that once you get in the habit of doing things that it becomes second nature to always do those things.

I want to start writing more so I’ve been getting myself in the habit of writing three times a week. Just doing that has helped me to sit the necessary time aside to do so. I would always say, “If I had enough time, I would totally write more and post more on the blog.” So I just made sure to make the time to do so. By taking this simple step I’ve been able to write more and have more content on the blog for you guys.

Anyone can start a habit but it’s important to make it stick. Here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you to do just that.

  • Start small. It’s no need to put a lot on your plate when you are trying to create new habits for yourself. Start small and gradually add steps as you go on.
  • Do it daily. I’ve found that doing the same thing everyday will put you into a routine. This will help your habit to become second nature to you.
  • Build & break. As you build good habits that will help you to make changes in your life for the better, you will also break bad habits that are slowing you down or stopping you from reaching your full potential. You’ll be so focused on the good habits that you will no longer focus on what was holding you back.

Starting a habit doesn’t have to be hard work. It can be something as simple as waking up early to get a head start with your day. Good habits are meant to put you on the right track to a better you.

Comment below and share with me how you start good habits that will help you to reach your full potential.

See you in my next post!



9 responses to “Toya Talks #2: Starting new habits”

  1. Dre_Wells on Twitch Avatar
    Dre_Wells on Twitch

    I love the post, and a habit I’m starting is daily exercise. Health is wealth and I want to be around as long as possible. By exercise daily I’ll get in better shape and have more energy to do stuff. Keep up the great work babe.

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    1. Yes, health is wealth and we got this. Thank you so much for stopping by babe. I appreciate you ☺️💜

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  2. Aaah I love that quote! And I’ve started to develop some good habits since Ramadan and built some new ones in August. I feel like they helped me have a sense of routine and productivity every day and I enjoy doing them!! I totally agree with starting small because I initially planned on listening to one hour of lectures everyday but had a burnout and sometimes skipped days etc. So I built off of 20 minutes – half an hour and now I’m able to do one hour. I totally agree with all these tips and will continue to try and follow them through my own habits! Love thisss!

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    1. I’m so glad you agree with all of these tips and found them to be helpful. I agree, good habits do bring a sense of productivity to your day. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  3. Is hard to start a habit also is very hard to quite the habit so be extremely careful to which habits are you adopting.

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    1. I can agree with that. I believe when you focus on the good habits that you are trying to incorporate in your life that eventually they will replace bad habits. That’s why it’s important to start small.

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      1. Oh yeah…surely but slowly you can get there.

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  4. So happy you’ve started writing more, Toya! I need to work on creating some good habits like, not drinking before work everytime. 😛

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    1. Thank you Hunida! I appreciate your kind words. That’s a good habit to work toward for yourself. Thanks for stopping by! 💜

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