Toya Talks #4: October’s Schedule

Hey y’all hey!

I can not believe that it’s the second week of October and this is the first post of the month that you all are getting from me. Most of you know that at the end of September my hubby and I traveled to San Diego for a little QT and to attend TwithCon. As promised, I will have a post on our trip posted soon.

That post about San Diego was supposed to be posted at the beginning of this month but I needed a vacation from our vacation after I got back. Lol. I know I’m not the only one that goes on vacation and do a bunch of fun things and then get back home and just need time to rest and recuperate from all of the fun you’ve been having while on vacation. Lol.

With that being said, I still have some fun things coming up on the blog for the remaining of this month. Here’s my October Schedule below.

  • San Diego Vacation: TwithCon 2019
  • Family Fall Bucketlist
  • Children’s Book Review

” Your only limit is your mind.” -unknown

We have to learn how to train our minds. What we think is eventually what we become. So this month I challenge all of my readers, including myself, to train our minds to think positive whenever we start to doubt ourselves . When you have a positive mind, you have the right tools to think clearly regardless of the situation.

What are some fun things that you guys have planned for October?

Peace & Positivity



2 responses to “Toya Talks #4: October’s Schedule”

  1. Love that quote, Toya! Thanks for sharing! 💗 Can’t wait to read about your time in San Diego!

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    1. Hello Hunida! I should have that post up sometime this month. Thanks for stopping by! 💜

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