My New Normal

Covid-19 came through and completely changed life as we know it. This deadly virus changed the way that we do many of the things that I’m sure a lot of us took for granted.

Back when this all started, I remember thinking that it was one of those viruses that would blow over without putting much thought into it, I went on with my daily life. I had recently found out I was pregnant so my little family was just living in that moment. Then I started to take more notice of the virus as it continued to get deadly.

Around the time they put the stay-at-home order in place in my city, I had already started to make changes to life as I knew it. My husband I had made the decision that he would be the only one to leave the house to go get our esstienial needs. I would only leave the house for my doctors appointments. I’m glad that we made those changes when we did, because when everything was set in place it wasn’t such a big sudden change for my family.

Our new normal, is leaving out of the house with face masks on. I’m a natural homebody so the staying at home part wasn’t a big and adjustment for me. But I can understand how it can affect many others. Yes, I love being in the comfort of my home but I also love to take my son to the park or travel to visit family.

These few months have made me grateful for everything that I have and have made me not take anything for granted. Instead of constantly worry about what’s going on in the world, I choose to accept our new normal for what it is and make the best of it.

How has Covid-19 changed your life? Comment below and let’s chat.

Stay safe & stay positive



2 responses to “My New Normal”

  1. Congrats again Toya! My life didn’t change that much either, but now that summer in Florida is here, I find myself wanting to be at the beach or somewhere else than my small radius. Luckily, we have a pool in our subdivision, but you know…it’s not quite the same.

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    1. Thank you so much! I can definitely understand that. With the summer here in Georgia I really want to take my son to more outdoor places other than our back yard.

      Thank you for stopping by 💚

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