Black Lives Matter Too

I can not begin to express how outraged I am when it comes to the recent deaths in the black community committed by white police officers. As a black woman married to a black man and raising a black son I am disgusted.

I cannot begin to believe how some people’s response to the black lives matter movement is that “all lives matter”. To those of you who believe this to be true, I have a question for you. How can all lives matter when we as black people have to constantly remind the world that BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO!!??

The black community should not have to live in fear everyday of our lives because of racism. We should be able to raise our children peacefully without the fear of knowing that a day will come when our you black sons are no longer looked at as adorable and are now targeted because of the color of their skin. We should be able to live in a world where we are not judged first by the color of our skin. In all honesty, all of this saddens me deeply.

I would like to show acknowledgment to all of the nonblack people, brands, and companies who may not understand what it’s like to be black but are still is aware of what is going on in my community, the black community, and as has decided to not be silent during these times. It’s very much appreciated.

I could honestly go on and on for days about the horrible events targeted towards black people and the black community in it’s entirety, both past and present, but I’ll leave you all by saying…



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