5 Tips For Virtual Learning

Hello everyone! My son has started Kindergarten this year and we’ve decided that virtual learning is the best option for our family. He’s been in school for about a month now and I wanted to share with you all some tips that I have incorporated that’s has made virtual learning a great experience for us. Below are 5 tips that I think you would love!

1. Having a learning space. I have to say that making sure that my son has a space specifically for school time has helped us tremendously. When he’s at his desk in his learning area he knows that it is time to pay attention and learn. It’s has also helped him to have fewer distractions and to be more focused. A learning space can be a spare bedroom or even and small area in a room.

2. Create a routine. I understand that with most virtual schools a schedule is already set for students to follow but I think you can still create a routine around that. For example, our school morning pretty much starts the same with getting dressed and eating breakfast before school. I always want him to get up and get dressed even though he’s not leaving the house. I believe that helps him to take learning serious even though he’s learning from home on a computer.

3. Have plenty of school supplies. Yes, even though my son is virtually learning he still needs a lot of school supplies. Everyday he has worksheets to print off and crafts that he do for the week. Having all the supplies on hand just helps to make the day run smoothly for both him and I.

4. Incorporate breaks. Breaks are necessary to help prevent your child from getting burnt out fast. A simple 5-15 minute break between classes can help them to be more focused and enjoy their school day.

5. Have fun! I think this is my most important tip. Like I stated previously, my son is in kindergarten and I believe that this entire experience has been so successful and enjoyable for us so far because I make it fun for him. Yes, learning is serious but it can also be fun. I will make another post going into more detail on how I make virtual learning fun for my son. So be on the look out for that!

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Until next time…stay positive 💛


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  1. Children need constant routine when it comes to learning so ever since the inception of pendamic virtual learning is the only option they have which will go uninterrupted.

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