D.I.Y Halloween Decoration Ideas 

Hello guys, happy Wednesday 😄

This year I am excited about Halloween because my son actually gets to participate. Last year my son was only three months old when Halloween rolled around. Before becoming a mother, I didn’t celebrate this holiday as an adult. Now as a mother, I want my child to have the full experience of this day. 

Decorating the house is very fun to do with him. I love seeing him happy and full of excitement as he helps me. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can make a lot of the decorations on your own. Here are a few D.I.Y Halloween decorating ideas that I think you guys will enjoy.  

  • Outdoor Pumpkin Light Cover ~ this is a very inexpensive and creative idea. Use $1 plastics pumpkins , cut them in half, and cover your outdoor light with. 
  • Flying Ghost ~ Another inexpensive idea. Use balloons and fabric to create “ghosts” that you can hang around the yard. 
  • Spider Wreath ~ Use a wreath form and wrap it in fabric then place tiny toy spiders around the wreath. This is sure to give a spooky welcome to your home. 

I hope that you all enjoyed these ideas. Comment below and let me know how to you like to decorate for Halloween. 

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Until next time… stay positive! 💙



Weekend Fun At Home

Hello everyone, happy Saturday 😊 

It seems like forever since I wrote a post on a Saturday. My weekends are usually filled with lots of family time. I’m also usually never at home during the weekend or when I am I am catching up on my school work for my online classes. 

But this weekend is different. We decided to spend the first few days of Fall at home. No, this will not be a boring weekend for us. Why? Because I have came up with some fun activities to do while staying at home. 

  1. Slime- Kids love to create a mess so why not let them create a mess that is mom approved. Super easy to make with glue and liquid starch. Kids will have a blast at home with this activity. 
  2. Rainbow Bubbles- Take the kids in the backyard for this fun filled activity. All you need for this is some dish soap, water, and food coloring. 
  3. D.I.Y. Foam Paint- Let the kids get creative with this fun d.i.y. project.  You only need 3 ingredients; shaving cream, glue, and food coloring. After the kids are done creating there masterpieces. Showcase them by host a art gallery at home! 
  4. Indoor Picnic- Enjoy family time at home by pulling out the blankets and make some of the kids favorite foods. 
  5. Indoor Scavenger Hunt- Make a list of things that need to be found and watch the kids have fun hunting for them. Make it interesting by giving small prizes to the one that finds the most item! 
  6. Film A Cooking Show- Get the kids together and film yourselves making the family’s favorite dish. Have fun watching yourselves on screen when it’s all done. 

So guys the next time you just want to stay at home with the family make sure to make it fun with these activities. Comment below and let me know how you turn those boring weekends at home to a fun filled weekend! 

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Until next time… stay positive 💙 


Patience Is Key 

Hello everyone and happy Thursday 😊 

I hope all you are having a great day/night depending on when you are reading this. 

Since becoming a mother I have learned that patience is key. Anyone that’s a parent will agree with me that you need a lot of patience when raising children. Having patience prevents you from stressing out and overthinking every situation. (Which I’m still working on). Having patience means having faith that everything will work out when the time is right. 

Patience is the key to everything in life and not just in parenthood. When you have patience you gain confidence in yourself that everything will be ok and work in your favor. I like to consider myself a positive person and I can admit that being patient can be hard at time. But I have also learned that when you don’t have patience that you can turn a bad situation into something even worse.

I have learned to use patience in my weight loss journey. If I continue to be patient and put in the work then I will continue to see the pounds melt away like butter. 
Comment below and let me know your thoughts on patience. 

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Until next time… stay positive! 


I’m A YouTuber!?! 

Hello everyone!

I just want to make a quick post and let you all know that I vlog on YouTube as well. My channel name is JustToyaTv and I used to post weekly vlogs right up until the time I found out I was pregnant.

I made the decision to stop so that I could focus on my pregnancy. Now that my son is one I’m ready to start back blogging and I would love for you guys to b apart of that journey as well.

Below I have posted my latest vlog. Please watch and let me know what you think. If you are on YouTube follow me on there as well 😃

Until next time…stay positive!


Thanks Everyone!! 

Hey guys! I hope you all are enjoying your Thursday!! 

I wasn’t going to post today but once I received this notification I decided that I had to. I know that having 100 followers may not seem like a big deal to many of you but to me it means a lot. 

I started my blog a month and a half ago and I am in love with the blogging community. I appreciate all of the love I have received thus far.  

I just want to take this time to thank each and everyone of my followers for every like, comment, and deciding to be apart of my life. I really really appreciate you all 😊🙂.

Until next time…Stay positive!


Sunday Family Funday 

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday 🙂 

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day on this beautiful Sunday. 

Before I became a mother, I would spend my Sunday’s getting ready for the work week. Now as a mother, we use Sunday’s as family days. We usually do something fun, whether we spend it at home or go out as a family. 

Today we decided to use this Sunday to take our son to the park and then out for ice cream. Days like this just makes my heart smile because I really enjoying watching my son have such a fun time playing. 

I encourage everyone  to take one day out of the week to have family time. Not only is it a great way to spend time with each other but it also creates lasting memories. And gives us a time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the week and to just enjoying the time with the ones you love most. 

Not a parent? No problem! Take a day to spend with your parents and/or your siblings. Do something that will rejuvenate you for the rest of the busy work week. 

Parent or not, just take time to do something with the people you care about that makes you feel good and warms your heart. Life is too short to not take time out of our busy lives to spend time with loved ones. Make sure to comment below and let me know how you like to spend family days!

Until next time…stay positive! 


Trying New Things! 

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday 😊 

I hope you all are making your way through this week with a positive mindset and are taking the necessary steps to reach the goals you have set for your self. 

This week I have done just that. I want to push myself to try something new each week. You know like get out of my comfort zone and do something or go somewhere that I wouldn’t regularly go. I’m getting older not younger and when I look back on my life I want to say that it was filled with adventure. I want to try it all even it I don’t like it, at least I can say that I tried, right? 

I am the kind of person that loves to put everyone before myself. I guess that just comes with being a wife and a mother. But believe me when I say, I love it, I really don’t mind at all. I just have to start doing things for me. So, this week I am taking a break from wife and mommy mode and I am going to have a girls day with a few friends. I am excited about spending time with my friends and I know that I will have to stop myself from checking in with my family while I’m out but it’s going to be fun. 

Also, I want to try a new hair color. Something that I wouldn’t imagine on myself. I change the style of my hair often, but never the color. I’m looking forward to that as well. 

I think that we all need to try different things from time to time. I believe that it gives our lives a little spice 🙂. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you guys think about stepping out of your comfort zone.  

Until next time…stay positive