10 Cool iPhone X Features!

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog! I hope that you all are having/had a wonderful Monday.

Recently I got the new iPhone 10 and I must say that I really like this phone a lot. Before I decided to upgrade my phone I didn’t think that I wanted this phone at all. I instantly went straight to YouTube to watch reviews on the phone and after a few videos I made my decision to get the phone

So now that I’ve had this phone for about a month now I can finally share the 10 things that I like the iPhone X.

  • Animoji ~ Guys This feature of the iPhone X is so cute. And it really makes sending text messages fun and interactive.
  • Face ID ~ This feature allows you to open your phone and some apps using only your face. Also it is used for Apple Pay.
  • OLED Display ~ This makes the phone screen more vibrant and bright. You also have the option to turn it on and off.
  • The Camera ~ Honestly guys, this phone has to have one of the best cameras of any of the iPhones. The front camera is great for taking selfies because of the different options that they give you, such as portrait mode.
  • No Home Button ~ I thought this was going to be something that I wasn’t going to like and that it would take me a while to get adjusted to but honestly, I don’t even notice that the home button is gone. In my opinion, the phone looks more seamless and sleek without it.
  • The Size ~ This phone is the perfect size. It smaller than the plus iPhone models but bigger than the regular models (iPhone 8).
  • Swipe Motion ~ I think that it’s really cool that you can navigate between apps with a quick swipe.
  • Voice Operations ~ I really like how you can operate the phone with your voice and your voice only. For example, Siri will only start from the sound of your only.
  • Emergency Alert ~ I find this feature to be very helpful. It allows for you to call for help ( police, ambulance, etc) and your emergency contact with the press of two buttons without unlocking your phone. You can also save you heath information, such as allergies to your phone as well to be shown in case of emergency.
  • Phone Security ~ Guys when I tell y’all that no one can excess this phone other than you, I mean just that. It doesn’t show iMessages on the home screen unless you look at it, it will not open certain apps unless you look at it. I just think that is so neat. Of course you can disable this feature if you want but I really like it. I bank from my phone and I now don’t have to worry about anyone other than me getting into my banking app.

As mentioned before and as you can probably tell by now, I really like this phone. I would say love but I try to refrain from using that word to express my feelings for materialistic thing. But this phone is really neat and has a lot of neat features. This would be a great gift idea for someone that is into phones and techy things. ( yes, I just made that up. Lol)

Comment below and let me know what you features you need/ like most in a phone.

Until next time…stay positive!


41 responses to “10 Cool iPhone X Features!”

  1. I’m thinking of buying a new phone but was confused between Galaxy S8 plus or iphone X. Thanks LaToya ur post made me one step ahead to buy iphone X.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was stuck between the X and the Galaxy S8 too. I wanted something different because I had an iPhone for so long. The X offered me something different while still being able to stay with Apple. Thanks for reading!


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