Six Simple Ways to Save Money- That You Probably Didn’t Think Of. 

Hey everyone !! Happy Thursday 😄

September is all about saving for me and I wanted to tell you all about the simple things that I do to save money here and there. When we think about saving money we automatically think getting a savings account. Yes, that will help you save but there are other things that you can do to save as well that you probably didn’t even think about… 

  1. Make Your Gifts- Instead of spending money on a gift, make one that comes from the heart. It will save you money and I promise you that anyone will love that more than a store bought gift. 
  2. Turn off the Television- This will help you cut down on your electricity bill. Plus when the TV turned off you can focus on more productive things. 
  3. Make A List- Before going shopping make a list and stick to it. This will stop you from wondering in a store and buying unnecessary items. 
  4. Use The Library- Visit the local library and borrow that book you’ve been dying to read instead of buying it. Not into books? The library lets you borrow DVDs and CDs as well. 
  5. Change Your Car Air Filter- When you change or clean out the air filter in your car  you will improve gas mileage by 7%, which can help you save huge. 
  6. Have More Meals At Home- Instead of going to that fancy restaurant, prepare a meal at home. Or just simply stop getting fast food when you are out and wait to eat when you get home. 

Ok guys, those are my simple 6 ways to help you save more money. Please comment below and tell me ways that you save money. 

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Until next time…Stay positive! 


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